Ben Kench

More Money, Less Stress! 

More Money, Less Stress!  Why Small Businesses Struggle
And What You Can Do To Make It Massively Better

More Money, Less Stress – That’s What We Want Isn’t It?

Well, Ben Kench, author of ‘Selling For Dummies” and creator of ‘The Business Booster’ is always an entertaining and thought provoking speaker and in today’s seminar we are fortunate to bring Ben back with his ‘Brand New’ insights and approach to winning in business in 2020!

The business world has changed dramatically and what always worked so well is no longer working hardly at all! Its frustrating and tough, but what can be done?

Almost all smaller businesses complain (privately!) that they are ‘too busy’ and yet wanting ‘more money’ and Ben will explain why that is, what you can do to alleviate it in simple steps, and how you really can achieve More Money, Less Stress in 2020.

Do NOT miss this one!